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Putting an 11-year-old girl at the center of a hard-R superhero movie might be one of the bigger risks that Logan took, but like pretty much every other decision that went into the final Wolverine movie, it paid off. Dafne Keen nearly stole the movie as X-23, the genetic offspring of Hugh Jackman’s X-Men character, because of a ferocious performance that kept up with her legendary costars every step of the way.

Ahead of the release of Logan on digital HD this Tuesday and DVD and Blu-ray on May 23, EW has been given an exclusive look at Keen’s screen test with Jackman. Watching the clip, it’s easy to see why she got the part. She’s completely unafraid of the enormous adult sitting across from her and swearing. (The clip is NSFW.)

When EW spoke with Jackman for our Logan cover story, he recalled feeling nervous about the structuring the movie around a child actor.

“How do you have an 11-year-old character who doesn’t speak in 90 pages?” he said. “How does this happen? Who’s going to playing it? [Director James Mangold] sent me a tape. Actually, it was just a still of an audition room somewhere. You could just tell by the look on her face. I was like, ‘Holy s—. This is something.'”

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