While many celebrities were celebrating or wishing their moms a happy Mother’s Day, Darren Aronofsky had a slightly different take on the yearly occasion. The Black Swan filmmaker tweeted out the new poster for his upcoming film, mother!

The poster — which you can see in his tweet above — for the movie which he wrote and directs features an oil painting image of star Jennifer Lawrence wearing a white dress while standing in a garden … while holding in her hands her own bloody heart (which she’s ripped from her chest) — seemingly like an offering to someone.

The haunting visual, which Aronofsky credits to artist James Jean, perfectly matches the tone of Aronofsky’s upcoming psychological thriller which follows the story of a couple whose relationship is tested by a group of unexpected visitors. Javier Bardem, the second actor listed on the poster, presumably plays the other half of the pair, while Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, Kristen Wiig, Domhnall Gleeson, and Brian Gleeson also star.

mother! is slated for an Oct. 13, 2017 release.