The star unwrapped his sense of humor on social media

By Maureen Lee Lenker
May 13, 2017 at 04:42 PM EDT
Film Title: The Mummy
Credit: Chiabella James/Universal

Tom Cruise is taking the lessons he learned as a treasure hunter seriously.

The actor, who holds that job as the reckless Nick Morton in Universal’s upcoming reboot of The Mummy, joked on Twitter Saturday about the danger of opening sarcophagi. In response to an Associated Press tweet that the Egyptian antiquities ministry discovered a necropolis with at least 17 mummies inside, Cruise shared the news, adding the warning, “Be careful opening those things.”

The actor headlines the June 9 release, which marks the highly anticipated launch of the Universal Monsters universe with the studio planning to reboot Frankenstein’s Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and more.

When his character, Nick Morton, unearths the crypt of an ancient princess from the deserts of Egypt, he unwittingly unleashes centuries worth of biblical-level terror on the world. Cruise, it seems, has either learned his lesson from his days on set — or at least that the curse of a mummy is, in fact, just a laughing matter.

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