Couple forms a rock band to vent their frustrations in Sundance rom-com

By Joey Nolfi
May 12, 2017 at 04:26 PM EDT

Band Aid

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Listening to our favorite breakup anthems often helps us through even the toughest of heartbreaks, but if the characters in Zoe Lister-Jones’ romantic comedy, Band Aid, are any indication, matters of the heart are perhaps best explored onstage — microphone in-hand — instead of cowering under the covers as Adele wafts through your headphones.

“What if we turned all our fights into songs?” asks Anna (Lister-Jones) as she lays next to her troubled lover, Ben (The Mindy Project‘s Adam Pally), in the latest trailer for the film, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. With the help of their musically inlined neighbor, Dave (Fred Armisen), the couple goes on to do just that, forming a two-piece band as a means to mend their fraying relationship by penning rage-fueled rock tunes.

“I’m in no mood for your mood. That’s what it means to be a dude, that you can act and speak so lewd,” Anna screams during a practice session. Strumming a guitar, Ben responds: “You get so hangry and so rude. You’ve gotta change your attitude.”

From there on, the duo vents their frustrations through their lyrical output. Whether that leads to coupled bliss or not remains to be seen.

Lister-Jones, an actress known for parts on TV shows (Life in Pieces, Whitney) and indie movies (Lola Versus, Breaking Upwards), is making her feature debut as a director here. Band Aid premiered to positive reviews at the Park City, Utah-based festival earlier this year, with particular praise coming for the filmmaker’s script and the ensemble cast’s performances. In addition to Pally, Lister-Jones, and Armisen, Colin Hanks, Grace and Frankie‘s Brooklyn Decker, Parks and Recreation star Retta, former Real World housemate Jamie Chung, and comedian Chris D’Elia have supporting roles.

Band Aid rocks into theaters June 2, with a VOD premiere set for June 9. Watch the film’s new trailer above.

Band Aid

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