Nancy Meyers' daughter, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, makes her directorial debut with this indie rom-com
Home Again - Reese Witherspoon
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The first trailer for Reese Witherspoon’s new rom-com Home Again is all about Alice.

Witherspoon’s character in the indie comedy is a self-described “newly separated loser,” who’s spending some time apart from her husband (Michael Sheen). Unsure of what to do next, Alice decides to move back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters — but when she meets three young aspiring filmmakers (Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, and Jon Rudnitsky), she impulsively invites them to stay in her new guest house. So begins a tale of unexpected romance and hijinks — further complicated by the sudden arrival of her ex-husband.

Newcomer Hallie Meyers-Shyer wrote and directed Home Again, with her mom, rom-com legend Nancy Meyers, on board as producer. (Unsurprisingly, all of the interior design in Home Again is impeccable; with Nancy Meyers attached, how could you expect otherwise?) Witherspoon has long been an advocate for finding and working with new female filmmakers, and last week, she told EW’s sister publication PEOPLE that working with Meyers and Meyers-Shyer was a big part of what attracted her to Home Again.

“I’ve seen Private Benjamin and It’s Complicated so many times, I can’t even count,” Witherspoon told PEOPLE. “It was an incredible opportunity to work with Nancy Meyers and her daughter, Hallie, who is a first-time, female filmmaker.”

“I really enjoyed the collaborative process with Nancy and Hallie,” she added. “The idea that two women who had a lot of experience making films could help a young woman with her first feature film was very exciting to me.”

Candice Bergen and Lake Bell also star. Home Again will hit theaters in September.

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