'It's a lot like riding a bike'

By Ruth Kinane
May 11, 2017 at 06:28 PM EDT
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"Snatched" New York Premiere
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Goldie Hawn is back on the big screen this weekend — after a 15 year hiatus — stealing hearts in mother-daughter kidnapping romp, Snatched. In the adventure comedy, Hawn plays the risk-averse, would-rather-stay-at-home-watching-Grey’s-Anatomy mother to Amy Schumer’s childlike, hot-mess daughter.

Being the pro she is, Hawn had no problem getting back in front of the cameras. “I was very excited about it,” she tells EW. “I’d been away for a while working on my foundation and getting these programs for children and that’s been really fun, but this really reminded me of what a blast it is to make movies. Sometimes you need to take a break — it was an added bonus to be in Hawaii!”

Working with Schumer was another a perk of the project — the comic actor and star/writer of 2015’s Trainwreck stipulated that Hawn play her mom in the new flick. “She knows what she wants and she gets what she wants and I like that,” says Hawn, who was surprised to learn she and Schumer shared the same heritage. “We’re both Eastern European,” she explains. “Oddly enough, that matters. You know how sometimes you can meet someone who’s got your kind of DNA, who has a sense of humor and life and food and love and family and all of it? It was just an unspoken connection really.”

Although Schumer’s character in Snatched doesn’t boast an abundance of admirable qualities, Hawn found plenty in her costar. “I admire a lot about Amy,” she says. “I admire her brain, I admire her ability to understand what is right and wrong for her. I also love her creative ability and I love the fact that she’s a family girl — that matters to me probably more than anything. She’s true-blue, so if she takes you as a friend you’re probably going to be a friend for life.” Hawn even thinks she’d make a great mom some day: “She’s got extremely strong protective instincts, I would say, and I think she’d be a great mother.”

As for her own mother, Hawn shared the best advice she ever received: “Not to succumb to the casting couch, and also, whenever the opportunity comes know what you’re doing and be ready for it,” she says. “So that means that you’ve got a lot of work to do before you’re actually going to achieve something.”

Snatched hits theaters Friday.

goldie hawn

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