By Sara Vilkomerson
May 09, 2017 at 05:37 PM EDT
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Ridley Scott grew up the middle child of three boys in northern England, the son of an army officer. If one had to take a guess where his ingrained respect for women comes from, one might look to his maternal influence. “Mom was tough,” he says affectionately. “She said she was about 5 feet tall but I think she was really only 4’11”.”

In 1968, after attending art school, he and his younger brother, Tony — who would also become a successful director, of such hits as Top Gun and Crimson Tide — founded Ridley Scott Associates, a company that produced successful campaigns for Hovis and Chanel No. 5, among others. “Commercials were my film school,” Scott says. In 1995, the brothers established Scott Free Productions in Los Angeles.

“I was very generous with my brother,” Scott says of Tony, who died in 2012. “I was six years older and we were always able to maintain status quo and equilibrium. Because of that, I don’t think Tony and I had a row in 50 years.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Scott about his brother.

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