The video was reportedly shared on Marvel's Facebook page

Chris Pratt used sign language to issue an apology on Thursday after a Facebook video for his new movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 sparked criticism.

“When I made a video recently with subtitles, and requested that people turn up the volume and not just ‘read the subtitles,’ it was so people wouldn’t scroll past the video on mute, thus watching and digesting the information in the video,” Pratt wrote on Instagram, while simultaneously signing an apology in ASL in the accompanying video. “HOWEVER, I realize now doing so was incredibly insensitive to the many folks out there who depend on subtitles. More than 38 million Americans live with some sort of hearing disability. So I want to apologize.”

He continued, “I have people in my life who are hearing-impaired, and the last thing in the world I would want to do is offend them or anybody who suffers from hearing loss or any other disability. So truly from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Thanks for pointing this out to me. In the future, I’ll try to be a little less ignorant about it.”

Pratt further stressed that his apology wasn’t prompted by a publicist. “As always, I control my social media. Nobody else. And I am doing this because I’m actually really sorry,” he wrote. “Apologies are powerful. I don’t dole them out Willy-Nilly. This is one of those moments where I screwed up, and here’s me begging your pardon. I hope you accept my apology.”

The original video was reportedly posted to Marvel’s Facebook page, promoting Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, according to The Mighty. “C’mon seriously dude,” Pratt said in the video, urging viewers to ignore subtitles. “You’d rather read those than hear me?”

The video has since been removed, and Pratt has an idea for Instagram videos: “Why doesn’t Instagram have some kind of technology to automatically add subtitles to its videos? Or at least the option. I did a little exploring, and it seems lacking in that area. Shouldn’t there be an option for closed captioning or something?”

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 opens in theaters on Friday.

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