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Credit: Ben Rothstein/20th Century Fox
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Logan will be returning to the big screen — but will look a little different this time around.

Director James Mangold announced on Twitter Friday that a black-and-white cut of the popular superhero film — and star Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the beloved X-Men character — would be coming to theaters for a single showing on May 16. The limited engagement will only be taking place in the U.S.

The Logan director has previously discussed creating a black-and-white version of the movie (which almost starred nemesis Sabertooth) to be included as part of the DVD and Blu-ray extras, not unlike George Miller, whose Mad Max: Fury Road black-and-“chrome” cut was released as a special edition last year.

Of course, the process of converting the film to black-and-white isn’t an easy one, as Mangold noted on Twitter after some questioning from fans. “One must determine which hues go dark or light, adjust contrast, blacks,” he explained briefly. “Turning down color on TV just makes gray mush.

The black-and-white version of Logan hits theaters on May 16.

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