By Dan Heching
April 28, 2017 at 12:58 PM EDT

Lately, it seems like Back to the Future is the only major franchise that isn’t getting the reboot-sequel-prequel treatment, but that doesn’t mean there’s lack of interest. One YouTube user by the name of Trolley Smasher put together a hypothetical trailer — spliced from the original BTTF trilogy plus various marketing spots — to imagine what a fourth installment of the beloved franchise would look like.

In the clip, which has nearly 1 million views under its belt already, all the expected staples can be found: fiery tire-marks, old-school digital red alarm clock numbers, the DeLorean, and of course, the flux capacitator. But the faux trailer also adds a welcome contemporary feel, with several hand-held, found-footage-style sequences that almost fool a viewer into thinking this is actually legit, along with a soundtrack that is on par with the ‘event film’ sensibility of 2017.

Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of the wild-haired Doc and his Nike-wearing protege in the film that will never be, Back to the Future Part IV. 

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