By Marisa Marcellino
April 28, 2017 at 05:49 PM EDT

How much do people really pay to be scared out of their mind at the movies? The short answer: a lot!

Director M. Night Shyamalan really knows how to bring in the bucks, as he directed two of the top highest-grossing movies that hit theaters: Signs and The Sixth Sense. The latter scored the top spot and brought in a whopping $672 million in ticket sales, while Signs raked in a cool $408 million.

Jaws chewed its way to second place on the list and cashed in for over $470 million.

For the full breakdown of the biggest horror moneymakers of all time at the box office — see where Hannibal and The Exorcist land on the list — watch the video above, courtesy of Coinage, Time Inc.’s personal finance video company.