“Prayer in my early life was always asking for something that I wanted,” says a woman in the exclusive trailer for Sacred. “And it’s much different from that now.”

This new documentary by director Thomas Lennon (not the Reno 911 actor; this one won an Oscar in 2007 for producing The Blood of the Yingshou District) takes a maximalist approach to the question of faith and how people practice it. Lennon joined along with 40 filmmakers from around the world to show the ways in which religion is practiced in places such as Poland, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, China, Canada, the Netherlands, Peru, India, the United States, and 15 other countries.


The result, as you can see from this two-minute tease, is a swirling whirlwind of customs, traditions, joy, agony, candle lighting, and bush burning. The 87-minute film screens at the Montclair Film Festival on May 1 (with a live performance of the film’s music directed by composer Edward Bilous) before opening in limited release on May 5. Check out the trailer, above.