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Shark week came early for Mandy Moore.

The This Is Us star accidentally serves herself up as bait in the exclusive first trailer for this summer’s scariest open-water adventure, 47 Meters Down.

In the thriller, Moore’s character Lisa decides to recuperate from a bad breakup with a trip to Mexico, joined by her sister Kate (Claire Holt). There, the two decide to inject some adventure into their vacation — shark-cage diving.

Though reluctant, Lisa and Kate hit the open sea with locals to get up close and personal with great white sharks after being assured it’s “totally safe.”

Once suited up and dropped off the side of the boat, however, the unthinkable happens: The rope breaks, leading the cage — and the women — to plummet 47 meters into the dark ocean.

As their oxygen supply dwindles, Kate and Lisa find themselves surrounded by the deadly sharks — and forced to leave the safety of the cage.

Screams Lisa as the clip ends, “There’s sharks everywhere!”

47 Meters Down is directed by Johannes Roberts, and is set to hit theaters on June 16.