By Sara Vilkomerson
April 25, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

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Sure, there’s plenty of bawdy laughs, high jinks, and pratfalls in Snatched (in theaters May 12), about a recently dumped woman (Amy Schumer) whose vacation to South America with her scaredy-cat mother (Goldie Hawn) turns into a zany kidnapping adventure. Think prison breaks, outrunning bad guys through a jungle, and a particularly lethal dance move. But at its core, it’s a tender relationship study of the often complicated bonds between mothers and daughters. “As a new parent, it’s what got me excited to make this movie,” says Jonathan Levine (The Night Before). “It’s what I gravitate towards — real character stuff in the midst of funny.”

Untitled Mother Daughter Project
Credit: Justina Mintz/Fox

The script and its subject similarly held appeal for Hawn, who hadn’t been in a film since 2002’s The Banger Sisters, but the real lure was her costar, whom she’d come to admire after seeing Trainwreck. “I loved it,” Hawn says. “I saw Amy’s range and her brilliance. She’s a funny, smart person who can also make you cry. I didn’t care about doing something that doesn’t stimulate me. But this is Amy. To be matched with someone so deeply instinctive, naturally funny, and incredibly brilliant? It’s a great coup.” For us, the audience, too.