By Jami Ganz
April 25, 2017 at 11:57 AM EDT

Ever wonder what sort of things Ariel and Sleeping Beauty would get up to in our world? Or better yet, on Instagram? If you answered yes, Andhika Muksin just made all your Disney dreams come true. The artist recently photoshopped your favorite Disney princesses — and princes, too — onto the bodies of some of today’s most popular celebrities in their natural habitats (Coachella, the Met Gala, and more).

Muksin told BuzzFeed, “Like millions of others, [I] grew up watching Disney films and obsessing over the characters. But as I became an adult, my perspective of these childhood icons also shifted. I started to see them from a much more complex point of view […] Then ideas started popping in my head — like Aurora is such a graceful and reserved character, but I bet she’d lose it a bit at Coachella.”

Take a look at the reimagined cartoon royalty below.