By Clark Collis
April 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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What was the most intimidating aspect of overseeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for filmmaker James Gunn? Was it directing Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone? Or dealing with the many visual effects-heavy sequences? Or writing the screenplay for the sequel to one of the most successful films of recent times? The answer is none-of-the-above. According to Gunn, the most thing that most worried him during the movie’s production was coming up with songs for the film’s soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol. 2, given the massive success of its platinum-selling predecessor.

“If I was ever intimidated by anything, it was coming up with the songs for Awesome Mix Volume 2,” says the director. “I set out to make a big, huge, hit movie on the first one. I didn’t set out to make a [hit] soundtrack on the first one. That just happened. I would have never guessed that that was going to be the case with the soundtrack. I thought the soundtrack worked especially well within the movie and that’s all I ever thought about. So, that’s what I had to do on the second movie, too, was just really focus on how could I best tell the story with the songs and kind of let go of the soundtrack aspect of it. Because it’s simply not my business—I mean literally not my business.”

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The track listing for Awesome Mix Vol. 2 includes George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son,” Parliament’s “Flash Light,” and “The Chain” by rock legends Fleetwood Mac. “The first Guardians movie is about becoming a family, and this one is about being a family,” says director Gunn, explaining his choice of the latter song. “And being a family’s a lot harder than becoming a family. That song, for me, means the Guardians can never break the chain — and also maybe it’s about, they’re gonna break it. Who knows?”

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