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Chris Pratt got to spend time with not one but two movie legends while making Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (out May 5) thanks to the casting of Kurt Russell as Peter Quill’s father Ego and Sylvester Stallone as a character whose identity is still under wraps.

“Very early on, when we knew I needed a father, Kurt was one of the very first actors that came to mind, that just made sense,” says Pratt. “It’s a piece of casting that you’re just blown away that it works out. You’re like, Kurt Russell would be a dream, only obviously he’s not going to do it. And then they’re like, ‘No, he’s gonna do it.’ You’re like, ‘Wait, what?’ [Laughs] So, that’s pretty cool. Not only is it cool for me, it would be pretty cool for Peter Quill. Kurt’s been in the game forever, and he’s just so talented, and cool, and such a great influence. He’s kept it really grounded, he’s a good family man, and still loves to do the same shit he’s always loved to do. And being an outdoorsman, we just bonded over a lot of stuff. We’re kindred spirits in that way and it’s a really great piece of casting. People wouldn’t disbelieve if we said we were father and son in real life, you know.”

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Pratt is equally enthusiastic about Stallone, who previously costarred with Russell in the 1989 buddy-cop movie, Tango & Cash. “Dude, we’ve got the legends!” says the actor. “We’ve got Tango and Cash in this movie. Sly’s the man. He’s been the man since the jump. That guy’s one of the most prolific creators in Hollywood and he’s been a hero of mine since I was a kid. Sly’s the kind of guy that will walk in a room, and every eye is on him, and I’m sure it’s been like that for decades, and he handles it with grace. He cares deeply about his characters and the projects he works on, and I think a lot of the heart and soul of Rocky Balboa is in Sly Stallone. He’s the kind of guy that just keeps moving forward, and keeps on punching, and gets hit, gets up, and keeps moving forward. He’s a real fighter in that way with a fighter’s spirit and a fighter’s heart. It’s pretty unbelievable, man. You know you’ve got a hot property when you can get not just one but two of your childhood icons in the movie that you’re in.”