Sometimes jokes do go too far

By Christian Holub
April 21, 2017 at 11:53 AM EDT

If there’s one thing fans have learned about Ryan Reynolds over the years, it’s that the Deadpool and Life star loves a good joke. One fan, however, may have taken a joke too far even for Reynolds.

Back in March, Twitter user @poolspidey tweeted at Reynolds saying that if the actor liked their tweet, they’d get Reynolds’ name tattooed on their butt. Reynolds did in fact like the tweet, and @poolspidey followed through on their promise. A few weeks later, they tweeted a picture of their brand-new tattoo of Reynolds’ name written in alternating black and red letters on their backside. Earlier this week, Reynolds responded.

“Oh god. Oh. Dear. God. What have you done!?” The actor tweeted. “Thankfully, all the letters in my name are silent.”

All’s well that ends well.