They cuss, they fornicate, they do drugs, and they dance around bonfires.

By Nick Romano
April 18, 2017 at 01:23 PM EDT
Gunpowder & Sky/Youtube

The Little Hours drummed up buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival over Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Micucci’s trio of grossly unorthodox nuns. The word of mouth continues as the first red-band trailer arrives with a laundry list of sins committed by these women of God.

If Monty Python films were less slapstick and featured way more F-bombs, they would be much closer to The Little Hours. The light, medieval tune of the trailer is shattered as a priest (Fred Armisen) runs down the nuns’ grievances: “Filthy conversation, lustfullness, homosexuality…apostasy, abuse of language, heresy, revelings, eating blood. Do you think I’ve ever written down ‘eating blood’ before? Where am I?”

Dave Franco enters their raucous convent as Massetto. He’s passed off as a man who is deaf and mute and the new hired help, but that’s just because he’s in hiding from a lord (Nick Offerman) for having slept with his wife (Lauren Weedman). Massetto’s cover becomes harder and harder to maintain as the nuns push him to the edge.

Also spotted in the Little Hours trailer is a troupe of comedy regulars, including Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Jemima Kirk, and Adam Pally. Jeff Baena, who directed Plaza in Life After Beth, helms the film based on his own screenplay.

Get a taste of the absurdity that will arrive in select theaters on June 30 in the video above.