The actors are alike in many ways
Jeff Goldblum and Liam Neeson
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For your daily moment of zen, consider this.

While being interviewed for EW’s Love Actually Oral History, Liam Neeson discussed his feelings of bliss when he reunited for Red Nose Day Actually, the Love Actually mini-sequel, with his original costars, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Olivia Olson.

“Oh, it was so lovely to see them on set,” Neeson remarked in his inimitable, basso profondo Irish brogue. “My God, the years go by, don’t they? And then I want to take a look at myself. Because in my heart of hearts I still feel like a man of 36 or 37. But then I pass the mirror and I think, ‘Oh, f—, I am 64.’ Jesus Christ!”

Red Nose Day Actually
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But Neeson at 64, of course, is more invigorating than most actors half his age. One glance at his recent credits, which include action roles in the Taken and Clash of the Titans franchises, mixed with abyss-deep dramas like Silence and voice roles in The Lego Movie, prove his vitality and virility as an actor.

Another performer who fits that description is someone to whom Neeson is often compared: Jeff Goldblum. They are the same exact height (6-foot-4), the same age (Neeson is older by four months), and both possess a wondrous sense of self-awareness, unseriousness, deft humor, and irony about their place in the film industry and the world.

They’ve never worked together — yet, at least — but in order to generate a response from Neeson about Goldblum, you needn’t ask twice.

“God, Jeff looks amazing,” Neeson says. “I know Jeff’s a fitness fanatic and I am too — and, you know, it helps. I’m not blowing smoke up my ass. It’s a real help. I discovered it many years ago that this is the body, this is the factory. This is how you’re gonna earn your living. So keep it in shape.”

Neeson continues, speaking about his physical conditioning, “You don’t have to advertise it. You don’t have to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But keep yourself healthy and the business will look after you. And Jeff is a prime example of that. God, he never changes, you’re right.”

Goldblum’s reps did not respond to a request for comment and/or to return the compliment. Neeson will next be appearing as Mark Felt a.k.a. Deep Throat in the Watergate-era drama Felt. “The timing of that movie, given some of the stuff going down at the moment, is incredible,” he tells EW. “What can I say? Just — my God.”

Goldblum is one of the stars of November’s Thor: Ragnarok.

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