Goldie Hawn discusses the time in her career when she produced 'Private Benjamin' and what she learned about Hollywood from that experience.

By Sara Vilkomerson
April 14, 2017 at 01:59 PM EDT
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Let’s take a moment to enjoy the fact that the great Goldie Hawn is coming back to movie theaters. Her new film Snatched (in theaters May 12) is her first since 2002’s The Banger Sisters and it pairs her with the perfect co-star—the equally smart and funny Amy Schumer.

When EW sat down with the spiritually-related pair, we talked about their very funny film, comedy and Hollywood. In the video above, Hawn explains that even after starring in a big hit (and she starred in many) it doesn’t always translate to more power.

Private Benjamin was the first movie I produced, and I produced it for practical reasons,” she says. The film went on to be one of the top box office earners of 1980 and was nominated for three Academy Awards. But, says Hawn, “It did not serve me because there were directors that thought, ‘Oh she just wants to do her stuff’ or it became a ‘Goldie Hawn Movie.’ With all of that — whatever my gift might have been in terms of drama or anything I might have wanted to do — I really had to develop it myself. So getting a great director — although I worked with some wonderful ones — was not easy for these comedies, because nobody wanted to do something that had that stamp on it. It was a real double-edged sword.”


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