The actor movingly discussed his former co-star in new interview

The Fast & The Furious (2001)Vin Diesel (L) and Paul Walker
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The Fate of the Furious continues the blockbuster franchise in the wake of Paul Walker’s death, and according to star Vin Diesel, the late actor was not far from the mind of Diesel during production.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s Maria Menounos in a recent interview, Diesel recalled that “there wasn’t a day, there wasn’t a scene, there wasn’t a second where I didn’t have Paul with me in the making of this movie.”

Diesel wasn’t kidding about his continuing connection to Walker, either. In another powerful anecdote, he related the story of talking to Walker’s mother shortly after the actor’s fatal crash. After expressing his condolences, Diesel was surprised to hear Walker’s mother repeat the words back to him.

“I said, ‘Why? Why are you saying you’re sorry to me?’ She said, ‘Because you lost your other half,'” Diesel said. “At that moment it was like I had just realized she was telling me something I wasn’t even aware of. I wasn’t aware of how profound the loss was.”

Listen to the clip below.

At the premiere of The Fate of the Furious in New York on Saturday night, Walker’s mother, Cheryl, and daughter, Meadow, were in attendance. Before the film began, Diesel explained how much of an impact Walker had on the franchise. “We have a lot of great talent in this movie. But there would be no Dwayne Johnson, who we love, there would be no Jason Statham, who we love, there would be no Charlize, who we love, there would be no Scott Eastwood, who we love, there would be no Kurt Russell, who we love, if it wasn’t for the decades of work that my brother Pablo put into this franchise,” Diesel said. “When you see this movie, know that this is from love.”

The Fate of the Furious is out Friday.

The Fate of the Furious

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