Here's what she tells her kids about her past roles in 'Back to the Future,' 'Howard the Duck,' and more.


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As a mom of two, Lea Thompson has had the pleasure — and also discomfort — of reliving her past work with her kids, Madelyn and Zoey Deutch. But some of her roles, like Back to the Future (where her character is attracted to her son) and Some Kind of Wonderful (on which Thompson met her future husband, director Howard Deutch), need prefacing.

As a guest on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, Thompson revealed exactly how she explains her past work to her daughters. For her first role in Jaws 3-D, for example, she asks for their forgiveness “for just wearing a pink bathing suit for an entire movie.” As for Howard the Duck, her kids haven’t watched the entire film. Thompson says, “It’s a little awkward ‘cause I have a love scene with a duck.”

And for Some Kind of Wonderful, she advises, “It’s really not okay to hook up with your director — even though I did.” Howard Deutch directed Thompson in the 1987 film, and the pair married in 1989.

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“Thank you, because now I don’t have to mom-splain, I can just show them this,” she says of the video, shown above.

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