'Man of Steel' director Zack Snyder revealed the first test shot of Cavill in costume.
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Credit: Clay Enos/Warner Bros

This is the moment Zack Snyder knew Henry Cavill was the Man of Steel.

The director, who recently helmed the chiseled actor in Justice League for Warner Bros., posted a rare behind-the-scenes image to his Vero account, showing Cavill donning a replica of Christopher Reeve’s iconic Superman suit. “First test with Henry,” Snyder captioned the photo, of which a blurry version emerged online back in 2014. “I knew right away he was my Superman.”

As Snyder explained during a 2016 interview with DuJour, “We didn’t have the suit made when Henry was auditioning, so he wore the original Christopher Reeve suit. He put it on and when he came out of the trailer, everyone was like, ‘Dang, you’re Superman!’”

“All I could think was, Oh, God, they’re going to look at me and go, ‘He’s not Superman. Not a chance,”’ Cavill recalled to EW of this moment. “The actor inside me was going, ‘You’re not ready! You’re not ready!'”

However, Snyder said, “He walked out and no one laughed. Other actors put that suit on and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go, ‘Wow. Okay, this is Superman.'”

See the image below.

Credit: Zack Snyder/Vero

Cavill debuted as Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel, followed by last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (also directed by Snyder), and he’ll soon resurface in Justice League, out this Nov. 17. Though, his new suit may be drastically different than that the Reeve’s version.

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