April Fools!

By Nick Romano
April 01, 2017 at 01:55 PM EDT
Credit: CollegeHumor


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It may be too early to call, but CollegeHumor and Sinbad just won April Fools’ Day.

Remember that time hundreds of Redditers insisted Sinbad starred in a genie movie called Shazaam!, when really they were probably thinking of Shaquille O’Neal’s Kazaam? Sinbad even confirmed it never happened on Twitter, but later promised: “I am going to do one so we can close this chapter.”

He came through with his promise on Saturday when CollegeHumor released “lost footage” of the Shazaam! movie starring Sinbad that, again, never happened.

“Like most Americans, we had weird memories of this movie existing, but just thought we were confused,” CollegeHumor says in a statement accompanying a press release. “Then, one of our producers found this VHS in a box behind a shut-down Blockbuster. It’s quite damaged, and most of it has been recorded over, but what’s there is classic cinema and movie magic. We’re excited to share it with audiences at large.”

The clip reveals two kids, Rachael and James, inadvertently unleashing a genie trapped in a lamp in their attic. “Kidnapper!” they scream as they attempt to run away. “This is what we’re gonna go, we’re gonna start all over, all right?” Sinbad says. “I’m gonna introduce myself. I am Shazaam, the genie of the lamp.”

“It was my first time directing and the studio wasn’t happy with the project,” Sinbad says in a statement of his own. “It was pulled from theatrical release. I would prefer if we all just pretended this never happened.”

Further driving home the ruse, CollegeHumor promised they’re “currently working on a distribution deal to release the full 93-minute film.” Better still, some people on Twitter still think the movie actually existed and Sinbad just forgot about it.

Others caught on.


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