The film opens in cinemas on April 7

By Clark Collis
March 31, 2017 at 10:38 AM EDT

Want some crazy cultists? Lovecraftian horror? An Assault on Precinct-esque setting at an almost-closed hospital? Then we suggest you check out new horror film The Void, when it is released in theaters next week.

In the movie, Aaron Poole plays a cop who finds a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road and rushes him to a local hospital with a barebones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

Good gravy!

The Void is written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski. The film costars Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Kenneth Walsh, Evan Stern, Daniel Fathers, and Grace Munro.

Watch the trailer for The Void below and an exclusive clip, above.

The Void opens in cinemas, April 7.