This is kind of a brain-bender: Someone decided to remake the trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s It — using pieces of the original 1990 TV miniseries.

It’s a peculiar exercise, but YouTube user Matt Skuta went through the earlier Tim Curry version of the scary clown movie to harvest elements that roughly corresponded to things featured in yesterday’s promo for the Sept. 8 film, featuring Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.

The most 1-to-1 comparisons involve the opening sequence, in which a little boy floats his paper boat directly into the clutches of the formless evil monster.

There was no slide projector scene in the earlier film, but Skuta uses a sequence in which the Losers’ Club looks through an old album of photos instead. While the projector cycles through to reveal a woman who gradually evolves into Pennywise, the older film simply involved a photo coming to life and Curry’s clown lashing out at the children from the pages of the book.

If you can’t get enough evil clowns, it’s a fun compare and contrast.

For more on Stephen King’s It, here’s EW’s deep-dive gallery showcasing all the references to the 1986 novel in the new trailer.

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