The film's very appropriate Mother's Day weekend opening may feel far away right now, but EW has a new sneak peek to hold you over

By Sara Vilkomerson
March 30, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT
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Snatched’s very appropriate Mother’s Day weekend opening of May 12 may feel too far away right now, but EW has an exclusive sneak peek to hold you over.

The comedy, directed by Jonathan Levine (The Night Before), stars Amy Schumer as Emily, a recently dumped woman who convinces her scaredy-cat mother to accompany her on a trip to Ecuador. Do we even need to even bother to say that hijinks ensue?

In this scene, the women have only recently arrived to the sunny South American shores when you can see, in this brief exchange, everything you need to know about these women and their relationship.

“What I really like about this scene is that it’s based in character,” Levine tells EW. “It’s got these character beats of Goldie being afraid and passive aggressively judging Amy for not being prepared for the trip. Goldie is the over-protective mom, pulling out this thing but then there’s also a little bit of confusion — it’s not a rape whistle, it’s a dog whistle.” He laughs. “My mom gets confused in that way. This mode for Goldie is a great one as an actress — just playing confusion, she does it incredibly well.”

The two women fell easily into a good relationship both off and on the screen. “It’s so great to see these two together,” Levine says. “They both have this innate ability to be both naturalistic and sell a joke. There’s not many comedians who can do that. This scene is an example of each of them doing it very, very well.”


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