By Oliver Gettell
March 29, 2017 at 08:40 PM EDT

Pixar is throwing a bone to animation fans with the release of Dante’s Lunch, a colorful new short film teasing the studio’s upcoming Day of the Dead-themed feature Coco.

Affectionately subtitled A Short Tail, the two-minute movie follows a spirited Xolo dog (the titular Dante) who finds a tasty-looking ulna while scavenging for his midday meal. Once Dante chomps down, however, the bone takes on a life of its own and leads him on a wild crosstown chase that culminates in a cemetery.

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In Coco, Dante will serve as a companion to the protagonist, Miguel, a 12-year-old Mexican boy (voiced by newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) who rebels against his family’s long-standing ban on music and accidentally winds up in the Land of the Dead.

In addition to previewing the world of Coco, Dante’s Lunch also appears to offer a first look at Hector, the trickster skeleton voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal.

Watch the short above. Coco opens Nov. 22.