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From giant robots to massive explosions to ear-splitting sound effects, the Transformers movies have always subscribed to the notion that bigger is better. And according to director Michael Bay, Transformers: The Last Knight will be no different.

The action maestro talked up the fifth installment of Paramount’s blockbuster franchise during a presentation at CinemaCon on Tuesday, and per Deadline Hollywood, he told theater owners, “The scale of a Transformers movie is meant to be seen on the big screen. I keep saying this is my last one and I’m going out with a bang. This is a big-scale movie.”

The Last Knight also represents the first movie hatched from Paramount’s Transformers writers’ room, which brought together more than a dozen writers to brainstorm sequels, prequels, and spin-offs. (The studio has already staked out release dates for the sixth and seventh Transformers movies.)

Paramount screened 15 minutes of The Last Knight, which according to Variety showcased Mark Wahlberg, newcomer Isabela Moner, and the venerable Anthony Hopkins — plus the requisite mechanized mayhem. The actors were in attendance as well, and at one point Hopkins praised Bay’s gumption for building a Stonehenge replica not far from the actual monument.

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Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 23.

Transformers: The Last Knight

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