Ghosts haunting the living is a trope recently more associated with the horror genre (Insidious, It Follows, The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity), but director David Lowery is stamping his ethereal aesthetic onto the supernatural premise. Lowry worked on a bigger scale with last summer’s underappreciated Pete’s Dragon but returns to his indie roots here, casting the leads from his fine 2013 drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Rooney Mara and fresh Oscar-winner Casey Affleck.

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Shot in an almost-square ratio with the edges curved, just like in the trailer, the movie opens with Affleck’s character’s death in a car accident and then tags along with him as he watches over his former life — wearing a white sheet. That is, in fact, Affleck underneath the sheet in all of the scenes. It’s a bit more high-concept than Patrick Swayze saving Demi Moore from danger in Ghost, but the film was rapturously received after its premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival.

Credit: A24

Distributor A24 (The Witch, Ex Machina, Moonlight) is releasing A Ghost Story in theaters on July 7. Check out the trailer and the film’s new poster above.

A Ghost Story
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