By Dan Heching
March 21, 2017 at 04:46 PM EDT
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Before you clamor to the movie theater this weekend to see a reptile-like Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa trying to cream a new crop of superpowered teens in the big scale reboot Power Rangers , the folks at Screen Junkies have given the honest trailer treatment to the 1995 entry in the franchise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie,and it will have you scratching your head more than a few times.

“Follow the exact same formula that cranked out over 800 episodes of television,” the narrator says…invitingly, as he sets up the familiar premise: alien-monsters are trying to take over the world, “someone gets really big, and the Rangers morph into a Zord to save the day.”

In this iteration, Angel Grove (or rather, Sydney, Australia, as is honestly pointed out) is attacked by Ivan Ooze, who resembles Freddy Krueger so much they even utter the exact same line in split screen. The Rangers must travel to another planet (Sydney, again) to gain fresh powers, and eventually morph into “a new awful-looking Zord complete with emergency junk-kicking action” (cue the shot of one space robot kneeing another space robot in the robo-groin).

Look for the priceless (and long) “pointless back handsprings” montage at the end, in which virtually every character handsprings across the screen for absolutely no reason, and wonder if they’ll throw a couple (hundred) of those into the big screen reboot. And don’t forget the “Ai ai ai ya’s” or karate-chop “Whooshes” that abound.

Watch the trailer above to get your awkward ’90s groove on, and find more honest trailers on PEN.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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