By Clark Collis
March 16, 2017 at 05:38 PM EDT

In the new British horror movie Prevenge (out March 24), Sightseers star Alice Lowe plays Ruth, who sets about killing the people she believes responsible for the death of her partner. The twist? Ruth is heavily pregnant. The other twist? Lowe was also expecting when she both starred in and directed the film.

“I made a low-budget feature [Black Mountain Poets] over five days with a director called Jamie Adams,” Lowe told EW last year when Prevenge played at the Toronto Film Festival. “Jamie got in contact with me and said, ‘Do you want to do another one, as a writer?’ I was like, ‘In theory, I would love to, but I’m pregnant, and I just don’t think it’s viable.’ I went away and I thought, What am I doing? I’m worried about work, I’m worried about money. Why aren’t I using this opportunity? So, I said, ‘Look, if I’m a pregnant character who is taking revenge, I think I can write a pitch for that.’ He was like, ‘That’s a brilliant idea but I think you should direct it.’ [Laughs.] I was like, ‘Oh my god, what am I doing, taking this on?’ Because I was so heavily pregnant — I was about six months at this stage — it meant that I had to write it really, really quickly and the preproduction had to happen simultaneously. We filmed two months later, while I was about seven-and-a-half months pregnant.”

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Watch the film’s trailer below, where you will also find a NSFW clip containing both violence and expletives.

Prevenge costars Gemma Whelan, Kate Dickie, and Jo Hartley. The film opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 24 and will also be available to watch nationwide on the streaming service Shudder that same day.