By Clark Collis
March 15, 2017 at 03:04 PM EDT

D.B. Sweeney, Udo Kier, John Ventimiglia, Zoë Bell, and actor/singer Nomi Ruiz have all been cast in the love story-drama Haymaker, EW can exclusively reveal. The film is the directorial debut of visual effects artist Nick Sasso, who is another of the movie’s stars. Haymaker follows a retired Muay Thai fighter (Sasso) working as a bouncer, who rescues an alluring transgender performer (Ruiz) from nefarious thugs, eventually becoming her bodyguard, protector, and confidant. The relationship leads Sasso’s character to make an unexpected return to fighting, risking not only his relationship, but his life.

Haymaker is produced by Andrew van den Houten (In The Family, Funeral Kings) of Hood River Entertainment and also by HeroFace Productions. The film is currently being shot in Thailand with completion slated for fall of this year.

See exclusive images from Haymaker below.

Credit: Hood River Entertainment
Credit: Hood River Entertainment
Credit: Hood River Entertainment