Credit: Disney/Pixar

If the world of Cars is decidedly without humans, the world of Lou is full of them. Well, mostly.

Meet Lou, a strange little creature who inhabits an elementary school’s Lost and Found box. He’s the titular star in Disney/Pixar’s newest short, appropriately titled Lou, and he’ll make his big debut worldwide in front of Cars 3 this June.

Fans at Texas’ South by Southwest film and music festival will get to see the short early this weekend, but EW has a sneak peek at the poster that lucky Lou filmgoers will get their hands on.

Lou is a curious bauble of a being, a monster made from the hoodies, baseballs, and other such discarded treasures that have turned him into the patron saint of lost items. He’s content to stand guard over a playground of lively kids, returning their misplaced mementos, until a toy-stealing bully named J.J. forces Lou to intervene and make things right on the asphalt.

The six-minute short comes from director Dave Mullins (whose extensive Pixar credits would actually take longer to list than the films he didn’t work on) and producer Dana Murray (Inside Out, Up, Brave, Ratatouille, Cars, and more), both veterans of the Emeryville-based Pixar Animation Studios for over a decade and a half.

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Cars 3 arrives in theaters — with Lou in tow — on June 16, 2017.