Eight years after introducing moviegoers to the exotic alien world of Pandora in Avatar, James Cameron is inviting them to experience it in the flesh.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, Cameron treated cohost Whoopi Goldberg to a sneak peek at Pandora — The World of Avatar, a 12-acre attraction opening at Disney World later this year.

Inspired by Cameron’s blockbuster sci-fi film (and its four planned sequels), the attraction is set a full generation later, after humans and the willowy blue humanoids known as the Na’vi have resolved their conflict on an Earth-like exoplanetary moon. The environment features floating mountains with cascading water as well as a bioluminescent forest inspired by a teenage dream of Cameron’s. Rides will include a river cruise through said forest and a winged trip on the back of a mountain banshee.

“It’s fine to see something in a movie where you know it’s a visual effect,” Cameron said. At the park, though, “You’re standing in it, and you’re looking around 360 in every direction, and you’re on Pandora everywhere you look.”

Elsewhere in the show, he mused, “It is a bit of a trip that this was just an idea in 1995, and then it became a movie, and now it’s a land. It’s not a ride — it’s a land!”

Pandora — The World of Avatar is scheduled to open May 27.

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