By Rachel DeSantis
March 09, 2017 at 01:20 PM EST
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Why have a weekend when you can have a Brie-kend? That’s what Tom Hiddleston would like to know, and judging by the sound of Brie Larson’s fun getaways during the filming of Kong: Skull Island, he seems to have a point.

Larson, Hiddleston, and Samuel L. Jackson sat down with EW Radio host Julia Cunningham in a SiriusXM town hall about the film, and brought on some serious travel envy by recalling the weekend trips Larson planned for her costars.

“I was able to get them to go go-karting with me, laser tag, we rode these electric animals through a mall, I closed Movie World out, we went to water puppets in Vietnam,” Larson said.

But there was one event Jackson and Hiddleston just couldn’t get on board for: “The Dracula dinner show was where they were like, ‘Brie, you’ve crossed a line. You are not doing that,'” she recalled.

Larson also discussed her chaotic travel schedule during filming, as her Oscar-winning turn in Room was being recognized while she was filming overseas in Vietnam.

“It’s fine, I’ve used my frequent flier miles,” she joked after Hiddleston said she deserved an award for making the trip to and from the U.S. to Vietnam. “I didn’t realize that the Oscars are actually international. In Vietnam, they were so excited about it before I even left. So I felt like it was my version of going to the Super Bowl, I felt so connected to everybody around me.”

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