March 07, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST

British documentarian Louis Theroux and director John Dower attempted to investigate the Church of Scientology for the new nonfiction film My Scientology Movie (out March 10). But after being denied sufficient access to members, the pair instead staged reenactments of alleged Scientology training techniques and of an incident in which it is claimed the church’s leader, David Miscavige, lost his temper with subordinates. According to Theroux, the staging of the reenactments led the church to increase its monitoring of the project.

“The first interaction was letters that said they knew what we were doing,” he told EW last year. “The second thing was, we visited the base, and they came out, and began filming us, and saying we were trespassing. A day or two after that, when we were shooting [in a studio], this woman and a cameraman turned up, filmed us from across the road. And it was around then that Marty (Rathbun, a former church member) said, ‘Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve identified a private investigator as well.’ And then, after that, it became that any time we filmed, we had the feeling that we were being followed.”

What does Paz de la Huerta have to do with all this? Nothing, quite likely. But you can nevertheless see the Boardwalk Empire alum make her presence known to Theroux in the exclusive clip, above.

Watch the film’s trailer, below.

Magnolia Pictures will release My Scientology Movie in theaters, on VOD, iTunes, and Amazon Video on March 10.

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