The actor posted video from the last day of reshoots on 'Logan,' his final Wolverine film.
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Credit: Ben Rothstein
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It’s time to say goodbye to Wolverine. As Hugh Jackman’s final X-Men movie, Logan, hits theaters this weekend, the actor posted video of himself on the last day of playing his career-defining role.

“This is the last day of reshoots on Logan,” Jackman says in the video. “So, this is my second wrap — who knows, maybe there’ll be a third.” He adds in a tweet on Saturday, “In fact, there were no additional shoots after the reshoots of the rewrap. So that’s a wrap! Makes sense to me.”

Logan marks Jackman’s ninth appearance as Wolverine — including cameos in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse — since the character first extended his adamantium claws in 2000’s X-Men.

“I was at a dinner party with Jerry Seinfeld,” he told EW in our cover story interview. “He has a really clear and very decisive philosophy about creativity and when it’s time to call it quits on something.” He added, “I’ll never forget him saying you need to leave something in the tank, that actually if there is — you feel, ‘Okay, I think we might have said everything, but there’s still a little bit left,’ then that’s the time to go.”

Watch video of Jackman leaving the Logan set on his final day below.

Logan is playing in theaters this weekend, with a bonus Deadpool 2 teaser.

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