Watch Ryan Reynolds spoof Superman in the first teaser for the sequel.

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The Merc with the Mouth is officially back! After EW reported a Deadpool 2 teaser would screen in front of showings of Logan in theaters beginning this weekend, the video, featuring Ryan Reynolds spoofing Superman, is now online.

As shown in the nearly four-minute NSFW scene which Reynolds’ tweeted Saturday morning, Wade Wilson stumbles upon a man getting mugged in an alley just outside a rundown movie theater (which is playing Logan, by the way). “Not on my watch,” he proclaims before dashing into a phone booth to change into his super-suit to the heroic theme music to Superman.

By the time he actually suits up, though, it’s too late. The guy’s been shot and there’s comic book creator Stan Lee making his next Marvel movie cameo appearance. “Wow, nice suit,” he says. “Zip it, Stan Lee,” Deadpool shouts before he runs upon the bloody scene and we hear, “Oh, Jesus. That’s not good.”

Fans may also notice a message written on the phone booth that reads, “Nathan Summers coming soon,” another nod to the X-Men character Cable, who was first announced for the sequel in a Deadpool post-credits scene. An actor has yet to be formally announced for the role, but Marvelites can start speculating on the Nathan Fillion Firefly posters hanging in the windows behind the phone booth. Fun Easter egg, or are they trying to say something?

“Anyone know the number to 911?” Reynolds tweeted of the scene. “No Good Deed.”

Deadpool 2, directed by David Leitch after original helmer Tim Miller dropped out, will be released on March 2, 2018. Watch the teaser above.

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