Tammy and the T-Rex

Some days are just better than others, and we don’t really know why. But there is only one reason why this day stands out among the rest: Because, thanks to Reddit user erkdaclerk, we’ve been reminded — or perhaps more accurately, we’ve been introduced — to a 1994 film titled Tammy and the T-Rex.

Sure, it might sound like your normal film, but it is not. According to the trailer, the premise is this: Paul Walker wears a belly shirt in order to win Denise Richards’ heart, and he’s successful … until he’s attacked by a lion. And when his doctor turns out to be a mad scientist, Walker’s brain is put inside the body of a T-Rex, and as the trailer says, “This Tyrannosaurus rex just wants to be a party animal.” More specifically, Walker is left to try to win Richards over while in the body of a dinosaur.

What a day, indeed.