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After working on nine X-Men movies, including the new installment Logan, Hugh Jackman has a lifetime of memories playing Wolverine — and some scars for good measure.

In a recent video interview with EW, the Australian actor reflected on his signature screen character and what it was like wielding those famous claws.

“I can’t tell you how many people I stabbed, how I stabbed myself,” Jackman said. “They were killing machines.”

“I stabbed the [stunt] double for Mystique right in the arm,” he recalled of a previous X-Men film. “Of course I freaked out a little bit. It’s not every day you stab someone.”

Surprisingly, Jackman’s scene partner cheered the moment: “She said, ‘I’ve been stabbed by Wolverine!’ That was one of the first days of shooting. That’s when you realize this is not a normal character, when people are really happy to be stabbed by your character.”

Jackman added that he “used to have to practice so I wouldn’t hit people [with the claws]. And one thing I neglected to practice was the follow-through. … I’ve got a number of scars on my thighs, and it’s really not cool. Got pretty close to some sensitive areas, but everything’s fine.”

See more of Jackman in the video above. Logan is in theaters now.

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