Dax Shepard is dipping his CHIPs into new, NSFW territory.

Warner Bros. unveiled a new trailer for the actor-director’s latest feature — a contemporary, big-screen update of the 1970s NBC program — and after the clip’s first joke about a very specific sex act, one thing’s for sure: this isn’t the classic TV show you know and love, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Adapted from the beloved Larry Wilcox/Erik Estrada series of the same name, the CHIPs movie follows Jon Baker (Shepard), a former pro motobiker attempting to piece together a broken marriage, and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Michael Peña), an undercover government agent investigating a multi-million dollar heist, who’ve recently joined the L.A. division of the California Highway Patrol. They’re ultimately paired together on the force, though their motives (and, at times, their personalities) clash to spectacular results.

Credit: Peter Iovino

CHIPs marks Shepard’s third time behind the camera of a feature-length film, having previously directed the 2012 romantic action flick Hit & Run and 2010’s Brother’s Justice — both of which he also starred in.

Shepard directs his real-life spouse, Kristen Bell, in CHIPs, as well as supporting cast members Maya Rudolph and Vincent D’Onofrio.

“My aim was somewhere in the Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon world. That was my take on it,” Shepard, who also wrote the film’s screenplay, previously told EW of the project. “It’s interesting because it’s definitely a comedy where the show is not, but the stakes are very real and the world is real and the physics are real and all those things are grounded. Insane situations happen but it’s not happening in a satire world or a heightened world. It’s a very real world.”

CHIPs races into theaters March 24. Watch the new red band trailer above.

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