You can't blame this one on the accountants.
Credit: Dale Robinette; David Bornfriend

You can’t blame this one on the accountants.

A London movie theatre had fun with the Best Picture mix-up at the Oscars by pranking an unsuspecting group of Moonlight moviegoers earlier this week.

According to Time Out, the London Rio Cinema decided to have some fun by momentarily tricking the crowd by playing Damien Chazelle’s musical La La Land rather than Barry Jenkins’ Best Picture winner.

“It wasn’t the actual feature film, but a few seconds from a teaser trailer,” the theater’s manager told Time Out. “Then we shut it down, and did a bit of fumbling to make it look like we made a mistake.”

Reportedly, the audience applauded the joke, but we can only imagine what The Rock’s reaction would have been.

La La Land
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