What's worse than heat, rain, disease, and giant monsters? All of them together
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Kong: Skull Island

There are a million ways to die on Skull Island. Let’s have Tom Hiddleston count the ways.

In the final trailer for Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island, Hiddleston’s James Conrad explains the dangers of traversing uncharted territory — rain, heat, disease-carrying flies, for a start. Once Conrad eventually agrees to take government official Bill Randa (John Goodman) and his crew to the island, they find even more dangers than that, like the gigantic King Kong (the biggest version of the character ever put on screen) and the vicious, mysterious “Skullcrawlers.”

Set in 1971, the film (and this trailer in particular) are well aware of the Vietnam parallels, as a bunch of camo-clad Americans start dropping bombs and ammo on a jungle location they have no right to be. The use of The Animals’ 1965 single “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place,” once popular with American G.I.s during the Vietnam War, further underlines the comparison.

Although this is the final trailer, it’s not the last piece of marketing for Kong: Skull Island. On Wednesday, Kong VR: Destination Skull Island, a 360-degree virtual reality experience, will launch on YouTube. Fans will be able to see Kong up close, as guided by Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Lt. Colonel Packard.

Watch the trailer above, along with a preview of Kong VR: Destination Skull Island. Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 8.

Kong: Skull Island
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