February 23, 2017 at 06:08 PM EST

This Sunday, films like La La Land and Moonlight will be celebrated, but a new parody video is already looking ahead to the most celebrated project of 2025 — the Donald Trump biopic.

Parodying an Oscars roundtable, Alberto Belli’s video is set eight years from now and features a discussion with the team behind TRAP, a fictitious biopic of the president.

“They wanted Chris Hemsworth. They wanted a real American,” said the fictional film’s director about casting the role of Trump. Upon being informed that the Thor star is Australian, she responds, “Oh, but in the alternative facts encyclopedia, no.”

Later in the satire, the director mentions that she was injured climbing the newly built border wall, and her medical expenses aren’t covered under Führer Care. And the actor who played the president discusses the difficulties that being a method actor posed on a set of all women.

“It was hell having to treat women as equal and not just p—s that I could grab,” he said, referencing the president’s infamous Access Hollywood recording. “And again, I’m sorry, but it was just part of being in that disturbed mindset that I’m so relieved I don’t have to be in anymore.”

Watch the spoof above.

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