By Devan Coggan
February 21, 2017 at 04:13 PM EST

There’s a whole new world hidden in Moana.

It’s no secret that Disney’s latest animated adventure is chock-full of Easter eggs, from a sneaky Baymax cameo to a surreptitious reference to Sebastian the crab. But a new video from Disney reveals that Moana has even more secrets to discover — including several that come all the way from Agrabah.

Moana directors Ron Clements and John Musker also helmed Aladdin, and apparently, they snuck in several references to the beloved 1992 tale. First up is the Genie’s lamp, which can be seen on the back of Tamatoa the treasure-hoarding crab. There’s also an appearance by Aladdin’s magic carpet (although it doesn’t look like Moana’s version can fly).

Clements and Musker also continued their tradition of including themselves in their films. In the past, the pair have popped up in Aladdin and Hercules, and here, they show up in two unexpected places.

Watch the video above to check out all of the Moana/Aladdin connections, and head here to see EW’s rundown of the other Disney Easter eggs hidden in Moana.

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