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Lovers of love celebrated the news last week that director Richard Curtis would be reuniting the cast of Love Actually 14 years later for the U.K.’s Red Nose Day (airing there March 24 and in the U.S. on NBC May 25). And they weren’t the only ones celebrating.

We caught up with Love Actually star Andrew Lincoln — fresh off his survival against a weaponized junkyard walker — to get his take on the reunion, and since he was all out of cue cards, he was forced to use actual words to respond. “Richard got in touch about a month ago and mentioned he had something in mind,” Lincoln tells EW. “I’m shooting something in March.” Finding a date for The Walking Dead star was a bit difficult because he has an international tour scheduled to promote the zombie drama overseas, but they were able to find a window to film what Lincoln calls “this little mini-revival.”

The star is eager to show us what ultimately happened between his character, Mark, and Keira Knightly’s Juliet. “It’s fun and going to be really great to see everyone again,” he says. “It’s very exciting. It’s a very cool thing.”

So could the two have ended up together after all? And, if so, do they only communicate via written-out signs — even when it comes to mundane everyday requests like “pass the salt”?

“No spoilers,” says Lincoln about what’s in store for the update, including if Mark’s semi-stalkery videotaping skills have improved at all. I suppose we’ll just have to wait until Red Nose Day to find out if they are feeling it in their fingers and feeling it in their toes.

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