The 'Girls' star is very uncomfortable in the CollegeHumor video

Through her time on Girls, Allison Williams has been in plenty of uncomfortable positions, but none of that could have prepared her for the horror of being a bad party guest.

In a new CollegeHumor parody video in support of her upcoming film Get Out, Williams proves to be the ultimate party foul. Some of her horrific mistakes include reintroducing herself to someone she’s already met, overdressing for the party, and spoiling the surprise for her Get Out costar Lil’ Rel.

From writer/director Jordan Peele, Get Out is the trippy tale of a black man (Daniel Kaluuya) going to meet his girlfriend’s (Williams) parents for the first time, only to learn that black men have been going missing from the area.

Get Out lands in theaters on Feb. 24.

Watch the video above.