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The Raid

A U.S. remake of The Raid is actually happening — sorry, make that a U.S. "reimagining."

Joe Carnahan (The Grey) announced Wednesday over social media that he's directing a new adaptation of the Indonesian martial arts movie, which starred Iko Uwais. The helmer appeared alongside his new leading man, Frank Grillo (The Purge: Election Year, Captain America: Civil War), in a video posted to Instagram.

The original film, directed by Gareth Evans, was released in 2011 and told an adrenaline-fueled story of a S.W.A.T. team fighting for their survival inside a tenement run by a ruthless mob boss. Uwais, who performed most of his own stunts and fight choreography in the franchise, returned for The Raid 2, released in 2014.

In Carnahan's video, the director name drops "Caracas, Venezuela" as a location, as he and Grillo tease action that "no one's ever seen."

Carnahan tweeted that Evans will return to produce his film, which he stated "will hew closer in tone & feel to THE GREY and NARC."

There've been previous efforts to remake The Raid. According to reports, Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was once attached to direct, with rumblings of Taylor Kitsch taking the lead role. But Carnahan clarified his film is "not a remake. It's a reimagining of the same scenario."

"Everybody take a deep breath," he tweeted. "We won't disappoint you, rabid-fanboy-from-Hell."

"You can't remake The Raid, guys," the director added. "It's a fantastic film. So, ask yourselves why would we be doing it, unless we had something really special."

Carnahan and Grillo will offer more details on The Raid remake reimagining later this week during an interview with Collider.

The Raid
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